Urania's Children & The Heavenly Garden

Urania's Children Eau de Parfum Artwork

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Excerpted from Urania's Children fragrances distinctive design, these artworks are a celebration of self-expression and freedom.

Each Urania’s Children fragrance design has a distinctive star, inspired by Aphrodite Urania’s passion for the celestial bodies.

The exclusive artworks celebrate the iconic trio:

Queer Magic Eau de Parfum - represents kaleidoscopic freedom & divine uniqueness 

Lance Eau de Parfum - represents indomitable confidence & Elysian clarity

Mandorla Eau de Parfum - represents dynamic sensuality & sacred presence

The prints are A4 size and unframed. 

Naturally Derived

Aphrodisiac Awakening


Vegan, Clean & Cruelty-free

Naturally Derived & Aphrodisiac Power

Poetic, Sensorial with Ethereal Design

Genderlfuid High Perfumery