Genderfluid High Perfumery

Urania’s Children & The Heavenly Garden scents are provocative, sophisticated and unique, pushing the boundaries between genderisms to encourage you to find your freedom. We embrace love of the body in its entirety – all forms, skin tones, shapes and identities – and aim to accentuate all its diverse ways of being and expressing. The reinvention of contemporary high perfumery begins in the heavenly garden, where creation is boundless, self-expression is untamed, and joyful freedom triumphs.


High perfumery imbued with genderfluid attitude. Scent beyond inhibitions. Dynamic self-expression through olfactory exploration.

With luxury craftmanship our perfumes are hand blended and poured in London. We use the most unique and responsible raw materials to create our timeless, aspirational and special fragrances.

Urania’s Children & The Heavenly Garden is a luxury brand that embraces the wholeness of the body by offering a sensual and deeply corporeal experience of the ethereal. Tender and mischievous, bold and enigmatic; and through the contemporary alchemy of perfume, we celebrate the co-existence of these multitudes within us. Inspired by free-spirited expressions of the unique, our fragrances are made to embody and exalt the unconventional.


Sexual exploration
Identity confidence
Gender freedom
Inclusivity & diversity
Environmental responsibility



Urania’s Children fragrances are made of essential oils and naturally derived raw materials. The advanced technology applied for the extraction of these delicate molecules from petals, leaves, roots and resins allows us to create exquisite scents that draw upon the limitless imagination of the natural world. 

Our essential oils and raw materials are distilled in Grasse, France - the birthplace of fine fragrances. Natural ingredients are carefully selected based on their aphrodisiac properties, with the intention of composing a sensory feast to awaken your deep instincts and evoke your true self. Our premium raw materials are safe and clean - free of GMOs, hormonal disruptors or any toxic compounds that would alter or diminish their pure essence.

Each Urania’s Children fragrance has a distinctive constellation, inspired by Aphrodite Urania’s passion for the stars. The round bottle, ideal for everyday use, comes housed in a recyclable paper box to protect our delicate and powerful perfumes from UV light damage. The bottle label is made of natural paper, debossed with the Urania’s Children logo and the distinctive Urania’s Children coloured star to create a tactile experience.



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