Contemporary High Perfumery

Urania’s Children & The Heavenly Garden is a poetic journey through art, identity and the magic of the senses. Profound and protean, our fragrances conjure a sensorial feast by way of the olfactory realm, eliciting a full, embodied sense of identity confidence by celebrating the fluidity that disrupts the conventional.

Be wild. Be free. Be spontaneous.


"OMG! I'm totally obsessed with Queer Magic!"

Charlie Porter - Fashion Writer

"Lance is very unique. I've been wearing it every day."

Wanda Martin - Fashion Photographer

"Mandorla is my favorite perfume now!"

Nathan Henry - Boys by Girls

"Perfume heaven!"

Princess Julia - Queer Icon



The ability to flow easily from one state to another; changeability.


“My individuality is a great part of who I am. To find my own freedom, I had to go through a long journey of self-discovery, and I wanted something to express this, not conceal it. That’s why I was inspired to create Urania.” Winder Ton


Protecting our Heavenly Garden

Protecting our flora and fauna is a mission of Urania's Children & The Heavenly Garden.

We have partner up with RAINFOREST TRUST through WORK FOR GOOD, to support they hard work protecting our earthly garden and its creatures. For every perfume bottle sold we are donating one pound in your behalf.

Rainforest Trust has been protecting threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife worldwide for the last 30 years. They already helped protect over 37 million acres around the world and they are working toward the security of 50 million acres.